Hi! I’m Leah, the #skinmama.

Esthetics is both my craft and my calling, which is why I have devoted over 20 years to cultivating my own special brand of skincare magic.

Intuitively combining nurturing care with high-vibrational energy, and the healing power of touch, my greatest joy is helping you rediscover your inner and outer radiance.  I truly believe in the power of the body to heal itself and I work synergistically with each person to support, heal and regenerate the skin.

I believe that alignment is beauty and this belief has led me on an incredible journey of study and exploration.

In addition to training as a massage therapist and esthetician, a few of the transformative tools I work with include: aromatherapy, microcurrent, reflexology, reiki, sculptural facelifting, Vodder manual lymphatic drainage, connective tissue massage, buccal massage and sound healing.

Each time you visit my treatment room, I invite you to find hope, healing, and new inspiration. Whether you are confronting a challenging skin condition, seeking to shift your energy, or simply want to enjoy a new kind of facial experience, my space and my practice are for you.

Welcome to Leah Avigdori Skincare!
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