The Foundation

Custom Curated Holistic Facial
60 min - $275

The Foundation Facial is the perfect way to lay the foundation for your skincare journey, as well as for monthly maintenance along the way. At each appointment, I work holistically to create a customized experience and support your personal skin goals.

Your treatment includes all the elements of a traditional facial, enhanced with Biomat therapy, mindful meditation, massage, oxygen infusion, and other advanced modalities hand-selected to address your skin’s unique needs.

This treatment is recommended monthly.

The Solution

Multifaceted Acne Management
75 min - $285

For balancing, clearing, and restoring struggling skin, The Solution facial addresses acne from the inside out and provides you with the tools to prevent future breakouts. At your appointment, we’ll take a deep dive into the many aspects that impact skin health – including internal wellness, lifestyle habits, and home care – and implement specialized treatment to target your concerns.

Your facial includes cleansing and exfoliation customized to address acne bacteria and inflammation, extra time for extractions, lymphatic drainage massage for the face and neck, high frequency, hydration, oxygen infusion, and LED therapies.

The Flashback

Advanced Rejuvenation for Ageless Radiance
90 min - $400

Imagine stepping into a time machine to revisit your younger self, while still possessing the inner beauty and wisdom of a life well-lived. The magical modalities behind this luxe youth-enhancing treatment are microchanneling – for revitalizing the skin and encouraging new collagen, plus microcurrent – for lifting and toning the facial muscles.

The Flashback facial additionally includes customized cleansing, exfoliation, LED therapy, oxygen infusion, nourishing targeted serums, intense hydration, and sculpting massage.

The Channel

80 min - $475

Series of 4 $1,700

Experience the synergistic blend of artful, precision micro-channeling with clinically proven, advanced growth factors to powerfully stimulate and build new collagen within the skin. This treatment is ideal for acne scaring, aging and damaged skin. A single treatment creates hundreds of thousands of micro channels via a gentle tapping method. In response to each micro injury, an inflammatory healing process begins to initiate the formation of new collagen. Over time, the repeated healing process will build new collagen, create healthier skin, improve surface texture and overall appearance. Best done in a series of 3-5 sessions depending on skin condition.

The Reconstruct

Face Lifting and Skin Fitness
90 min - $385

For improving elasticity, skin firmness, and your natural radiance factor, The Restructure facial is a non-invasive but highly effective treatment designed to progressively rebuild and reboot the skin. After just one treatment, you’ll enjoy a more toned and upswept appearance, but the real transformation occurs after multiple treatments, as your skin begins to develop muscle memory and produce new collagen.

This facial includes both buccal massage and LED therapy – a perfect pairing for achieving incredible results.

The Divine

Beauty, Light, and Transformation
90 min - $375

Inspired by ancient tradition and beauty rituals from around the world, The Divine facial is an immersive sensory experience infused with intention and ethereal energy.  

Focusing on both your inner and outer glow, this treatment includes elements of traditional skincare, plus mindful meditation, affirmations, chakra balancing, crystal healing, gua sha, massage, LED light therapy, and more. You’ll also be treated to a crystal singing bowl sound bath designed to soothe and calm your entire nervous system.

The Reset

Relax. Release. Restore. Revitalize.
75 min - $325

The ultimate facial massage for releasing stress and restoring synergy is connective tissue – an advanced technique that targets facial tension and stagnation in the skin. While the Reset facial works to lift, sculpt, and contour the natural curvature of your face, the most impactful benefits occur at a deeper level as you allow your body to decompress and enter a state of blissful relaxation.

Connective tissue is a powerful way to reset the parasympathetic nervous system, which can help to facilitate physical and emotional healing. It also produces benefits for reducing jaw tension, stimulating collagen, promoting elastin repair, and encouraging lymphatic drainage.

This treatment can provide an effective alternative to neurotoxins, injectable fillers, and other invasive procedures. For best results, a series of multiple sessions is recommended.


Gua Sha Glow

30 min - $85

This detoxifying treatment uses cold tools to stimulate the tissue. With a lifting and draining action, these tools help your skin to heal, move stagnant blood, increase collagen production, fill in fine lines and deep wrinkles, allow for deeper product penetration, and reduce facial tension.

Lift & Glow

30 min - $95

Elevate any facial with an immediate lift and glow! This micro-current facial add-on uses low-level electric current to improve circulation, support lymph flow, and visibly contour features. While you will see longer lasting results from a series of Lifting Facials, just 30 minutes of microcurrent will have you significantly toned and lit from within.

Buccal Massage

30 min - $95

Working facial muscles from inside the mouth to release tightness, TMJ pain and stored emotions. Increases circulation and creates a more lifted and glowy appearance.

Vit. A Facial Revita Pen Facial Infusion

30 min - $95

Facial Infusion is a complete rejuvenation, skin remodeling treatment designed to increase circulation, boosts immunity and hydration without the inflammation associated with an Alpha hydroxy acid. Facial infusion has a high concentration of 2% retinaldehyde and is the precursor to retinoic acid. Is clinically proven to be 1000 times stronger than retinol! This medical grade treatment activates the genes in your skin turning on fibroblast stimulators, heals acne, repairs photo damage, thickens the dermis, lifts hyperpigmentation, restores capillary flow and reverses the sign of aging.

Lymphatic Drainage

30 min - $90

A precise, non-invasive, light-touch therapy that assists numerous inflammatory conditions including acne, scars, burns, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, puffy eyes and post cosmetic recovery.

Lymphatic drainage encourages the elimination of metabolic waste while accelerating the flow of fresh oxygen and nutrients.

Sculptural Face Lifting Massage

30 min - $90

Promotes deep relaxation of the facial musculature, improves microcirculation, stimulates lymph and lifts and tones the appearance of the face.
It allows the recipient to release emotional blocks and improve overall wellbeing.


30 min - $90

Dermaplaning manually removes dead skin cells and vellus hair (peach fuzz), allowing for deeper production penetration and glowing skin.
*not suitable for acne or very sensitive skin types.